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O.E.M code TAURUS code


090043S T-FO3220680 Oil Filter
099005S T-FO3211380 Oil Filter
099007S T-FO3211980 Oil Filter
099008S T-FO3214680 Oil Filter
099012S T-FO3211080 Oil Filter
099013S T-FO531002 Oil Filter
099043S T-FO3220680 Oil Filter
099080S T-FO531005 Oil Filter
099099S T-FO3214580 Oil Filter
099900S T-FO3214380 Oil Filter
157002S T-FS2410 Air-Oil Separator
157003S T-FS2310 Air-Oil Separator
157004S T-FS8120 Air-Oil Separator
157005S T-FS8020 Air-Oil Separator
157007S T-FS14220 Air-Oil Separator
157010S T-FS220 Air-Oil Separator 
157020S T-FS320 Air-Oil Separator
157030S T-FS1220 Air-Oil Separator
157040S T-FS4320 Air-Oil Separator
157060S T-FS14520 Air-Oil Separator
157070S T-FS2220 Air-Oil Separator
157090S T-FS4030 Air-Oil Separator
157095S T-FS4130 Air-Oil Separator
157098S T-FS25330 Air-Oil Separator
157100S T-FS330 Air-Oil Separator
157110S T-FS8030 Air-Oil Separator
157120S T-FS5230 Air-Oil Separator
157130S T-FS7230 Air-Oil Separator
157140S T-FS7830 Air-Oil Separator
157141S T-FS7630 Air-Oil Separator
157142S T-FS7520 Air-Oil Separator
157144S T-FS42720 Air-Oil Separator
157145S T-FS16520 Air-Oil Separator
157147S T-FS16620 Air-Oil Separator
157148S T-FS44520 Air-Oil Separator
157160S T-FS9130 Air-Oil Separator
157168S T-FS1050 Air-Oil Separator
157169S T-FS550 Air-Oil Separator
157170S T-FS650 Air-Oil Separator
157171S T-FS450 Air-Oil Separator
157172S T-FS990055 Air-Oil Separator
157175S T-FS990036 Air-Oil Separator
157180S T-FS9430 Air-Oil Separator
157190S T-FS9730 Air-Oil Separator
157201S T-FS5720 Air-Oil Separator
157202S T-FS990056 Air-Oil Separator
157203S T-FS990057 Air-Oil Separator
157901S T-FS7030 Air-Oil Separator
1620085S T-A8767060 Air Filter
1620085S T-A8767060 Air Filter
162090S T-A8772460 Air Filter
162110S T-A8718960 Air Filter
162160S T-A8772560 Air Filter
162180S T-A8772660 Air Filter
162205S T-A872860 Air Filter
162206S T-A8746660 Air Filter
162215S T-A87113260 Air Filter
162216S T-A87113360 Air Filter
162220S T-A8772760 Air Filter
162240S T-A8772860 Air Filter
162260S T-A8772960 Air Filter
162280S T-A8773060 Air Filter
162281S T-A8773160 Air Filter
162300S T-A8773260 Air Filter
162301S T-A8773360 Air Filter
162320S T-A8773460 Air Filter
162340S T-A8773560 Air Filter
162350S T-A8773660 Air Filter
162351S T-A8773760 Air Filter
162390S T-A8773860 Air Filter
162391S T-A8773960 Air Filter
162400S T-A8774060 Air Filter
162420S T-A8774160 Air Filter
162440S T-A8774260 Air Filter
162460S T-A8774360 Air Filter
162480S T-A8774460 Air Filter
162500S T-A8774560 Air Filter
162520S T-A8774660 Air Filter
162560S T-A8777960 Air Filter
162570S T-A8774760 Air Filter
162571S T-A8774860 Air Filter
162572S T-A87113160 Air Filter
162574S T-A879170 Air Filter
162575S T-A87122960 Air Filter
162576S T-A877270 Air Filter
162577S T-A87105860 Air Filter
162578S T-A87112560 Air Filter
162582S T-A87105060 Air Filter
162583S T-A87105160 Air Filter
162725S T-A87100160 Air Filter
162725S T-A87112760 Air Filter
162726S T-A8793560 Air Filter
162760S T-A87100160 Air Filter
162760S T-A87112760 Air Filter
162762S T-A87106860 Air Filter
191020S T-FF5113 Fuel Filter
980x185x10 T-A87108060 Panel Filter
B004700770008 T-A87115960 Air Filter
B004700770028 T-A87126460 Air Filter
B004700770029 T-A878770 Air Filter
B004700770031 T-A87126160 Air Filter
B004700770035 T-A8770560 Air Filter
B004700770036 T-A87132760 Air Filter
B004800610004 T-FO32105080 Oil Filter
B004800610005 T-FO531002 Oil Filter
B004800770001 T-FO32105680 Oil Filter
B004800770003 T-FO3215480 Oil Filter
B004800770004 T-FO3222480 Oil Filter
B005700770004 T-A87118260 Air Filter
B005700770005 T-A87114460 Air Filter
B005700770006 T-A87114560 Air Filter
B005700770007 T-A87115060 Air Filter
B005700770010 T-A87101860 Air Filter
B005705760001 T-A87130560 Air Filter
B005705760002 T-A87127460 Air Filter
B006700770003 T-FS990071 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770010 T-FS990072 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770017 T-FS990085 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770027 T-FS990083 Air-Oil Separator
B407701 T-FO32104880 Oil Filter
B574603 T-A8794860 Air Filter
B576404 T-A8766660 Air Filter
B676801 T-FS36120 Air-Oil Separator


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