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O.E.M code TAURUS code


558000302 T-FO32111180 Oil Filter
558001000 T-FO32109680 Oil Filter
558001901 T-FO3222680 Oil Filter
569000602 T-A8711560 Air Filter
569000730 T-A874260 Air Filter
569000901 T-A879760 Air Filter
569002100 T-A8712760 Air Filter
569002811 T-A8768560 Air Filter
569003101 T-A8786560 Air Filter
569003301 T-A8784760 Air Filter
569003401 T-A8768460 Air Filter
569004101 T-A8798260 Air Filter
569004801 T-A8767060 Air Filter
569006101 T-A87114860 Air Filter
569726100 T-A879160 Air Filter
569726200 T-A8712060 Air Filter
569726300 T-A8712260 Air Filter
575000115 T-FS650 Air-Oil Separator
575000201 T-FS920 Air-Oil Separator
575000202 T-FS2220 Air-Oil Separator
575000203 T-FS2920 Air-Oil Separator
575000204 T-FS2320 Air-Oil Separator
575000205 T-FS320 Air-Oil Separator
575000206 T-FS220 Air-Oil Separator 
575000207 T-FS120 Air-Oil Separator
575000208 T-FS2720 Air-Oil Separator
575000209 T-FS9020 Air-Oil Separator
575000210 T-FS2720 Air-Oil Separator
575051051 T-M1960 ln-Line Filter
575051052 T-M1961 ln-Line Filter
575051053 T-M1962 ln-Line Filter
575051054 T-M1963 ln-Line Filter
575051055 T-M1964 ln-Line Filter
575051056 T-M1965 ln-Line Filter
575051057 T-M1966 ln-Line Filter
575051058 T-M1967 ln-Line Filter
575051059 T-M1968 ln-Line Filter
575051060 T-M1969 ln-Line Filter
575051251 T-M1980 ln-Line Filter
575051252 T-M1981 ln-Line Filter
575051253 T-M1982 ln-Line Filter
575051254 T-M1983 ln-Line Filter
575051255 T-M1984 ln-Line Filter
575051256 T-M1985 ln-Line Filter
575051257 T-M1986 ln-Line Filter
575051258 T-M1987 ln-Line Filter
575051259 T-M1988 ln-Line Filter
575051260 T-M1989 ln-Line Filter
575076751 T-M137 ln-Line Filter
575076763 T-M150 ln-Line Filter
575076764 T-M151 ln-Line Filter
575076851 T-M112890 ln-Line Filter
575076864 T-M118490 ln-Line Filter
575076951 T-M112990 ln-Line Filter
575076963 T-M118190 ln-Line Filter
575076964 T-M118590 ln-Line Filter
575078851 T-M1970 ln-Line Filter
575078852 T-M1971 ln-Line Filter
575078853 T-M1972 ln-Line Filter
575078854 T-M1973 ln-Line Filter
575078855 T-M1974 ln-Line Filter
575078856 T-M1975 ln-Line Filter
575078857 T-M1976 ln-Line Filter
575078858 T-M1977 ln-Line Filter
575078859 T-M1978 ln-Line Filter
575078860 T-M1979 ln-Line Filter
575092701 T-FS990071 Air-Oil Separator
575092702 T-FS990085 Air-Oil Separator
575116310 T-FS990171 Air-Oil Separator
575129900 T-FS990171 Air-Oil Separator
575150000 T-FS990338 Air-Oil Separator
575150500 T-FS990339 Air-Oil Separator
579003301 T-FS1650 Air-Oil Separator
579003401 T-FS1550 Air-Oil Separator
5750002071 T-FS7130 Air-Oil Separator
1/10A T-M1981 ln-Line Filter
1/10FP T-M1971 ln-Line Filter
1/10V T-M1961 ln-Line Filter
1/110AU T-M116590 ln-Line Filter
1/110FU T-M116490 ln-Line Filter
1/110VU T-M146 ln-Line Filter
1/120A T-M1987 ln-Line Filter
1/120FP T-M1977 ln-Line Filter
1/120V T-M1967 ln-Line Filter
1/12A T-M1982 ln-Line Filter
1/12FP T-M1972 ln-Line Filter
1/12V T-M1962 ln-Line Filter
1/15AU T-M114190 In-Line Filter
1/15FU T-M114090 In-Line Filter
1/15VU T-M140 ln-Line Filter
1/160A T-M1988 ln-Line Filter
1/160FP T-M1978 ln-Line Filter
1/160V T-M1968 ln-Line Filter
1/180AU T-M116990 ln-Line Filter
1/180FU T-M116890 ln-Line Filter
1/180VU T-M147 ln-Line Filter
1/19AU T-M114590 In-Line Filter
1/19FU T-M114490 In-Line Filter
1/19VU T-M141 ln-Line Filter
1/20A T-M1983 ln-Line Filter
1/20FP T-M1973 ln-Line Filter
1/20V T-M1963 ln-Line Filter
1/240AU T-M117390 ln-Line Filter
1/240FU T-M117290 In-Line Filter
1/240VU T-M148 ln-Line Filter
1/250A T-M1989 ln-Line Filter
1/250FP T-M1979 ln-Line Filter
1/250V T-M1969 ln-Line Filter
1/29AU T-M115390 ln-Line Filter
1/29FU T-M115290 ln-Line Filter
1/29VU T-M143 ln-Line Filter
1/30A T-M1984 ln-Line Filter
1/30FP T-M1974 ln-Line Filter
1/30V T-M1964 ln-Line Filter
1/320AU T-M117790 ln-Line Filter
1/320FU T-M117690 ln-Line Filter
1/320VU T-M149 ln-Line Filter
1/450AU T-M118190 ln-Line Filter
1/450FU T-M118090 ln-Line Filter
1/450VU T-M150 ln-Line Filter
1/480AU T-M118190 ln-Line Filter
1/480FU T-M118090 ln-Line Filter
1/480VU T-M150 ln-Line Filter
1/50A T-M1985 ln-Line Filter
1/50FP T-M1975 ln-Line Filter
1/50V T-M1965 ln-Line Filter
1/5A T-M1980 ln-Line Filter
1/5FP T-M1970 ln-Line Filter
1/5V T-M1960 ln-Line Filter
1/60AU T-M115790 ln-Line Filter
1/60FU T-M115690 ln-Line Filter
1/60VU T-M144 ln-Line Filter
1/6AU T-M112990 ln-Line Filter
1/6FU T-M112890 ln-Line Filter
1/6VU T-M137 ln-Line Filter
1/725AU T-M118590 ln-Line Filter
1/725FU T-M118490 ln-Line Filter
1/725VU T-M151 ln-Line Filter
1/79AU T-M116190 ln-Line Filter
1/79FU T-M116090 ln-Line Filter
1/79VU T-M145 ln-Line Filter
1/80A T-M1986 ln-Line Filter
1/80FP T-M1976 ln-Line Filter
1/80V T-M1966 ln-Line Filter
1/9AU T-M113790 ln-Line Filter
1/9FU T-M113690 ln-Line Filter
1/9VU T-M139 ln-Line Filter 
143000303P T-A873360 Air Filter
2900001766P T-FS990045 Air-Oil Separator
2900001866P T-FS29110 Air-Oil Separator
558000301P T-FO531005 Oil Filter
558000302P T-FO3211080 Oil Filter
558000303P T-FO531001 Oil Filter
558000304P T-FO3215480 Oil Filter
558000305P T-FO3210880 Oil Filter
558000307P T-FO3222680 Oil Filter
558000308P T-FO3210980 Oil Filter
558000501P T-FO3223480 Oil Filter
558000601P T-FO3223480 Oil Filter
558001000P T-FO32109680 Oil Filter
558001800P T-FO32107280 Oil Filter
569000301P T-A873260 Air Filter
569000724P T-A872860 Air Filter
569000725P T-A87460 Air Filter
569000726P T-A87560 Air Filter
569000729P T-A872560 Air Filter
569000731P T-A8713560 Air Filter
5690009661P T-A879760 Air Filter
569001621P T-A8778560 Air Filter
5690028661P T-A8768560 Air Filter
5690031661P T-A8786560 Air Filter
5690033661P T-A8784760 Air Filter
5690034661P T-A8768460 Air Filter
569003801P T-A8775360 Air Filter
5690041661P T-A8798260 Air Filter
5690048661P T-A8767060 Air Filter
569005601P T-A87119860 Air Filter
5690061661P T-A87114860 Air Filter
5750001013P T-FSP03250 Air-Oil Separator
575000101P T-FSP03250 Air-Oil Separator
575000102P T-FS550 Air-Oil Separator
575000103P T-FS1050 Air-Oil Separator
5750001053P T-FS990061 Air-Oil Separator
575000105P T-FS650 Air-Oil Separator
575000207/1 T-FS24020 Air-Oil Separator
5750002661P T-FS920 Air-Oil Separator
5750002662P T-FS2220 Air-Oil Separator
5750002663P T-FS2920 Air-Oil Separator
5750002664P T-FS2320 Air-Oil Separator
5750002665P T-FS320 Air-Oil Separator
5750002666P T-FS220 Air-Oil Separator 
5750002667P T-FS120 Air-Oil Separator
5750002668P T-FS2720 Air-Oil Separator
5750002669P T-FS9020 Air-Oil Separator
5750203661P T-FS23610 Air-Oil Separator
575076301P T-FS28710 Air-Oil Separator
575076758P T-M146 ln-Line Filter
575076858P T-M116490 ln-Line Filter
5751063013P T-FS990152 Air-Oil Separator
575106301P T-FS990152 Air-Oil Separator
5751063023P T-FS990135 Air-Oil Separator
575106302P T-FS990135 Air-Oil Separator
575106302P T-FSP03250 Air-Oil Separator
575106312P T-FS990135 Air-Oil Separator
575150500P T-FS990339 Air-Oil Separator
57566662001P T-M11150 ln-Line Filter
57566662002P T-M11151 ln-Line Filter
57566662004P T-M11152 ln-Line Filter
57566662005P T-M11153 ln-Line Filter
57566662006P T-M11154 ln-Line Filter
57566662007P T-M11155 ln-Line Filter
57566662008P T-M11156 ln-Line Filter
57566662009P T-M11157 ln-Line Filter
57566662010P T-M11158 ln-Line Filter
57566662011P T-M11159 ln-Line Filter
57566662012P T-M11160 ln-Line Filter
57566662013P T-M11161 ln-Line Filter
57566662015P T-M11162 ln-Line Filter
57566662016P T-M11163 ln-Line Filter
57566662017P T-M11164 ln-Line Filter
57566662018P T-M11165 ln-Line Filter
57566662019P T-M11166 ln-Line Filter
57566662020P T-M11167 ln-Line Filter
57566662021P T-M11168 ln-Line Filter
57566662022P T-M11169 ln-Line Filter
57566662023P T-M11170 ln-Line Filter
57566662024P T-M11171 ln-Line Filter
57566662026P T-M11172 ln-Line Filter
57566662027P T-M11173 ln-Line Filter
57566662028P T-M11174 ln-Line Filter
57566662029P T-M11175 ln-Line Filter
57566662030P T-M11176 ln-Line Filter
57566662031P T-M11177 ln-Line Filter
57566662032P T-M11178 ln-Line Filter
57566662033P T-M11179 ln-Line Filter
579005310P T-WS100 Oil-Water Separator
579005320P T-WS105 Oil-Water Separator
579005410P T-WS101 Oil-Water Separator
579005420P T-WS106 Oil-Water Separator
579005510P T-WS102 Oil-Water Separator
579005520P T-WS107 Oil-Water Separator
579005610P T-WS103 Oil-Water Separator
579005620P T-WS108 Oil-Water Separator
579005710P T-WS109 Oil-Water Separator
CC20 Ac5iv.carbon fil5er T-WS107 Oil-Water Separator
CC20 Adsorption filter T-WS102 Oil-Water Separator
CC35 Activ.carbon filter T-WS108 Oil-Water Separator
CC35 Adsorption filter T-WS103 Oil-Water Separator
CC35 Extender Activ.carbon filter T-WS109 Oil-Water Separator
CC4 Activ.carbon filter T-WS105 Oil-Water Separator
CC4 Adsorption filter T-WS100 Oil-Water Separator
CC8 Activ.carbon filter T-WS106 Oil-Water Separator
CC8 Adsorption filter T-WS101 Oil-Water Separator
F12A T-M12071 In-Line Filter
F12M T-M12062 In-Line Filter
F12P T-M12052 In-Line Filter
F130A T-M12076 In-Line Filter
F130M T-M12065 In-Line Filter
F130P T-M12056 In-Line Filter
F18A T-M12072 In-Line Filter
F18M T-M12063 In-Line Filter
F18P T-M12053 In-Line Filter
F190A T-M12077 In-Line Filter
F190M T-M12066 In-Line Filter
F190P T-M12057 In-Line Filter
F260A T-M12078 In-Line Filter
F260M T-M12067 In-Line Filter
F260P T-M12058 In-Line Filter
F36A T-M12073 In-Line Filter
F36M T-M12022 In-Line Filter
F36P T-M12021 In-Line Filter
F380A T-M12079 In-Line Filter
F380M T-M12068 In-Line Filter
F380P T-M12059 In-Line Filter
F65A T-M12074 In-Line Filter
F65M T-M12064 In-Line Filter
F65P T-M12054 In-Line Filter
F6A T-M12069 In-Line Filter
F6M T-M12060 In-Line Filter
F6P T-M12050 In-Line Filter
F95A T-M12075 In-Line Filter
F95M T-M12023 In-Line Filter
F95P T-M12055 In-Line Filter
F9A T-M12070 In-Line Filter
F9M T-M12061 In-Line Filter
F9P T-M12051 In-Line Filter
Okomat10 T-WS016 Oil-Water Separator
Okomat120 T-WS020 Oil-Water Separator
Okomat15 T-WS017 Oil-Water Separator
Okomat240 T-WS021 Oil-Water Separator
Okomat30 T-WS018 Oil-Water Separator
Okomat5 T-WS015 Oil-Water Separator
Okomat60 T-WS019 Oil-Water Separator
Owamat1 T-WS001 Oil-Water Separator
Owamat2 T-WS001 Oil-Water Separator
Owamat4 T-WS003 Oil-Water Separator
Owamat5R T-WS005 Oil-Water Separator
Owamat6 T-WS006 Oil-Water Separator
Owamat8 T-WS007 Oil-Water Separator


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