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O.E.M code TAURUS code


101467 T-FS990067 Air-Oil Separator
223171 T-M1901790 ln-Line Filter
223172 T-M1902190 ln-Line Filter
223173 T-M1902590 ln-Line Filter
223174 T-M1902990 ln-Line Filter
223175 T-M1903390 ln-Line Filter
223176 T-M1903790 ln-Line Filter
223177 T-M1904190 ln-Line Filter
223178 T-M1904590 ln-Line Filter
223179 T-M1904990 ln-Line Filter
223180 T-M1905390 ln-Line Filter
223181 T-M1901890 ln-Line Filter
223182 T-M1902290 ln-Line Filter
223183 T-M1902690 ln-Line Filter
223184 T-M1903090 ln-Line Filter
223185 T-M1903490 ln-Line Filter
223186 T-M1903890 ln-Line Filter
223187 T-M1904290 ln-Line Filter
223188 T-M1904690 ln-Line Filter
223189 T-M1905090 ln-Line Filter
223190 T-M1905490 ln-Line Filter
223191 T-M1901990 ln-Line Filter
223192 T-M1902390 ln-Line Filter
223193 T-M1902790 ln-Line Filter
223194 T-M1903190 ln-Line Filter
223195 T-M1903590 ln-Line Filter
223196 T-M1903990 ln-Line Filter
223197 T-M1904390 ln-Line Filter
223198 T-M1904790 ln-Line Filter
223199 T-M1905190 ln-Line Filter
223200 T-M1905590 ln-Line Filter
223211 T-M1902090 ln-Line Filter
223212 T-M1902490 ln-Line Filter
223213 T-M1902890 ln-Line Filter
223214 T-M1903290 ln-Line Filter
223215 T-M1903690 ln-Line Filter
223216 T-M1904090 ln-Line Filter
223217 T-M1904490 ln-Line Filter
223218 T-M1904890 ln-Line Filter
223219 T-M1905290 ln-Line Filter
223220 T-M1905690 ln-Line Filter
223452 T-A87107060 Air Filter
223487 T-FS990066 Air-Oil Separator
240621 T-FO32101880 Oil Filter
240621 T-FO32108880 Oil Filter
400102 T-FS990016 Air-Oil Separator
400202 T-FSP12230 Air-Oil Separator
00486278 T-FS17020 Air-Oil Separator
00754328 T-FS6030 Air-Oil Separator
783716 T-FO32105580 Oil Filter
783717 T-FO32104480 Oil Filter
783718 T-FO32104880 Oil Filter
1008518 T-A87104260 Air Filter
1037136 T-A87106860 Air Filter
1080103 T-FS990210 Air-Oil Separator
1155391 T-FO32109480 Oil Filter
1157245 T-FO3218880 Oil Filter
1157455 T-A8713560 Air Filter
1157456 T-A8737460 Air Filter
2008185 T-A8738060 Air Filter
2008219 T-A8792160 Air Filter
2008616 T-A8781660 Air Filter
2008947 T-A8715760 Air Filter
2009599 T-FS36320 Air-Oil Separator
2009601 T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
2009602 T-FS25320 Air-Oil Separator
2009603 T-FS25420 Air-Oil Separator
2010260 T-A8714860 Air Filter
2010265 T-A8795660 Air Filter
2010486 T-A8791360 Air Filter
2010501 T-A8738060 Air Filter
2010505 T-A8715760 Air Filter
2010506 T-A8714560 Air Filter
2010508 T-A8714860 Air Filter
2010509 T-A873460 Air Filter
2010699 T-A8714760 Air Filter
2010741 T-FS22030 Air-Oil Separator
2010742 T-FS11830 Air-Oil Separator
2010743 T-FS9030 Air-Oil Separator
2010744 T-FS18730 Air-Oil Separator
2010827 T-FO3218080 Oil Filter
2014828 T-FS36320 Air-Oil Separator
2014830 T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
2014833 T-FS25320 Air-Oil Separator
2014834 T-FS25420 Air-Oil Separator
2109084 T-FO3221080 Oil Filter
2109085 T-FO3221080 Oil Filter
2109093 T-FS27610 Air-Oil Separator
2109094 T-FO3221080 Oil Filter
2109289 T-FS8930 Air-Oil Separator
2109412 T-FO3217680 Oil Filter
2109429 T-FS8930 Air-Oil Separator
2109430 T-FS15420 Air-Oil Separator
2109567 T-A8713560 Air Filter
2109568 T-A8737460 Air Filter
2109640 T-FO3217680 Oil Filter
2109648 T-FO3217680 Oil Filter
2109660 T-FO3221080 Oil Filter
2109708 T-A8781660 Air Filter
2109994 T-A8789360 Air Filter
2115371 T-FO3218880 Oil Filter
2116110 T-FO3218880 Oil Filter
2116128 T-FO3218480 Oil Filter
2116150 T-A8786260 Air Filter
2116366 T-FS2350 Air-Oil Separator
2116675 T-A8767060 Air Filter
2116701 T-A8791060 Air Filter
2116713 T-A8790960 Air Filter
2116717 T-FS2450 Air-Oil Separator
2117151 T-A8791160 Air Filter
2117175 T-A878560 Air Filter
2117176 T-A878560 Air Filter
2117674 T-FS4610 Air-Oil Separator
2117675 T-FS4610 Air-Oil Separator
2117715 T-A878560 Air Filter
2117763 T-A878560 Air Filter
2117907 T-FS990103 Air-Oil Separator
2117915 T-FO32100080 Oil Filter
2118174 T-FO3218880 Oil Filter
2118180 T-A8790960 Air Filter
2118315 T-A8766660 Air Filter
2118342 T-FO32111380 Oil Filter
2118344 T-FO3218180 Oil Filter
2118345 T-FO32111580 Oil Filter
2118349 T-A8772260 Air Filter
2118414 T-FS2450 Air-Oil Separator
2118504 T-A87106660 Air Filter
2118506 T-FO32102380 Oil Filter
2118730 T-FS2450 Air-Oil Separator
2118961 T-FS2450 Air-Oil Separator
2118962 T-FS2350 Air-Oil Separator
03267728 T-FS990103 Air-Oil Separator
03294938 T-FS17120 Air-Oil Separator
03316258 T-FS3020 Air-Oil Separator
03340028 T-FS11710 Air-Oil Separator
03381328 T-FS5810 Air-Oil Separator
03400158 T-A8792260 Air Filter
03498328 T-FS11810 Air-Oil Separator
03582228 T-FS4610 Air-Oil Separator
5289830 T-A872970 Air Filter
5826901 T-FS27610 Air-Oil Separator
5826902 T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
5827828 T-A872970 Air Filter
5841962 T-FS25320 Air-Oil Separator
30991358 T-FS30410 Air-Oil Separator
57528708 T-FS1220 Air-Oil Separator
57586198 T-FS1820 Air-Oil Separator
060440006 T-FS13810 Air-Oil Separator
060440009 T-FS15110 Air-Oil Separator
80114469 T-A872760 Air Filter
81039899 T-FO32104480 Oil Filter
81125559 T-A87360 Air Filter
81166609 T-A87760 Air Filter
81227329 T-FO3214480 Oil Filter
81258859 T-A87114960 Air Filter
81602649 T-A8794260 Air Filter
81612679 T-FO32104380 Oil Filter
81619359 T-A873260 Air Filter
81649099 T-FO3220680 Oil Filter
81721449 T-A8715160 Air Filter
81723059 T-FO3216080 Oil Filter
81849079 T-FO32104380 Oil Filter
81985907 T-FO32104480 Oil Filter
85062259 T-FO32707380 Oil Filter
85067179 T-A873760 Air Filter
85168759 T-A87560 Air Filter
85168889 T-A874560 Air Filter
85238119 T-A8718260 Air Filter
85545689 T-A873860 Air Filter
85644309 T-A87105760 Air Filter
85832099 T-A872460 Air Filter
86439869 T-FO3214480 Oil Filter
87171519 T-A87119960 Air Filter
87198539 T-A8794260 Air Filter
87286889 T-FS1450 Air-Oil Separator
88021199 T-A8794260 Air Filter
88546709 T-A872570 Air Filter
89515869 T-FO3218580 Oil Filter
89559379 T-FO32100080 Oil Filter
89559659 T-A8778360 Air Filter
89675429 T-FO32100180 Oil Filter
89732099 T-A87118260 Air Filter
89732119 T-A8770160 Air Filter
89755919 T-FO32102480 Oil Filter
89756519 T-A87105660 Air Filter
89758129 T-A8768360 Air Filter
89821199 T-A87123060 Panel Filter
89837609 T-FS28410 Air-Oil Separator
89837610 T-FS11710 Air-Oil Separator
89848499 T-FS11810 Air-Oil Separator
89848519 T-FS990103 Air-Oil Separator
89858269 T-FS4610 Air-Oil Separator
89869869 T-A87123260 Panel Filter
89874439 T-A87104160 Air Filter
100014428 T-FS990030 Air-Oil Separator
7836420000 T-FO32103980 Oil Filter
RF16031A T-FO3212380 Hydraulic Filter
200ech035 T-FS14010 Air-Oil Separator
200ech6013 T-FS14010 Air-Oil Separator
200edm369 T-FO3218180 Oil Filter
201edm369 T-FO3218180 Oil Filter
202eau6013 T-FS24010 Air-Oil Separator
202eau6013A T-FSP09510 Air-Oil Separator
202ech6013 T-FS14010 Air-Oil Separator
202edp6013 T-FS10910 Air-Oil Separator
203edm6013 T-FS10910 Air-Oil Separator
204eap6013 T-FS16210 Air-Oil Separator
208eap6013 T-FS16210 Air-Oil Separator
55b10 T-FS9030 Air-Oil Separator
55b11 T-FS18730 Air-Oil Separator
55b13 T-FS15030 Air-Oil Separator
55b14 T-FS15430 Air-Oil Separator
55b17 T-FS8930 Air-Oil Separator
55b24 T-FS22220 Air-Oil Separator
55b26 T-FS31720 Air-Oil Separator
55b27 T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
55b29 T-FS25120 Air-Oil Separator
55b30 T-FS25020 Air-Oil Separator
55b34 T-FS21420 Air-Oil Separator
55b4 T-FS15320 Air-Oil Separator
55b40 T-FS14010 Air-Oil Separator
55b42 T-FS16210 Air-Oil Separator
55b43 T-FS10910 Air-Oil Separator
55b44 T-FS10910 Air-Oil Separator
55b5 T-FS15420 Air-Oil Separator
55b57 T-FS2450 Air-Oil Separator
55b6 T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
55b7 T-FS5020 Air-Oil Separator
55b8 T-FS22030 Air-Oil Separator
55b9 T-FS11830 Air-Oil Separator
85062259 with ext.metal sheet T-FO32110380 Oil Filter
A13010174 T-FS650 Air-Oil Separator
CC101467 T-FS990067 Air-Oil Separator
CC1035710 T-FS1350 Air-Oil Separator
CC1037136 T-A87106860 Air Filter
CC1037602 T-A87114260 Air Filter
CC1040245 T-A8767060 Air Filter
CC1044253 T-A87106760 Air Filter
CC1053092 T-FS990150 Air-Oil Separator
CC1053698 T-FS990150 Air-Oil Separator
CC1053700 T-FS990064 Air-Oil Separator
CC1053716 T-FS990064 Air-Oil Separator
CC1055467 T-A87116960 Air Filter
CC1058883 T-FS990103 Air-Oil Separator
CC1058884 T-FS990103 Air-Oil Separator
CC1058886 T-FS990103 Air-Oil Separator
CC1080103 T-FS990210 Air-Oil Separator
CC1175507 T-FS990064 Air-Oil Separator
eap80138 T-FS31720 Air-Oil Separator
eaq73986 T-FS9030+T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
eaq80105 T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
eau68019 T-FS15030 Air-Oil Separator
eau68020 T-FS15430 Air-Oil Separator
eau80127 T-FS25120 Air-Oil Separator
eay80129 T-FS25020 Air-Oil Separator
ebe80131 T-FS45720 Air-Oil Separator
ebe80132 T-FS45820 Air-Oil Separator
ecf74690 T-FS8930+T-FS15420 Air-Oil Separator
ech76317 T-FS8930+T-FS15420 Air-Oil Separator
ech80134 T-FS22220 Air-Oil Separator
ecm77079 T-FS11830+T-FS15320 Air-Oil Separator
ecm80128 T-FS23020 Air-Oil Separator
ede80560 T-FS21420 Air-Oil Separator
esg66025 T-FS15420 Air-Oil Separator
esl74079 T-FS11830+T-FS15320 Air-Oil Separator
esm66049 T-FS15320 Air-Oil Separator
esn65981 T-FS15520 Air-Oil Separator
FSG130C T-M1400 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG130G T-M1416 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG130P T-M1408 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG130V T-M1424 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG160C T-M1401 ln-Line Filter
FSG160G T-M1417 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG160P T-M1409 ln-Line Filter
FSG160V T-M1425 ln-Line Filter
FSG20C T-M1396 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG20G T-M1412 ln-Line Filter
FSG20P T-M1404 ln-Line Filter
FSG20V T-M1420 ln-Line Filter
FSG215C T-M1402 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG215G T-M1418 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG215P T-M1410 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG215V T-M1426 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG350C T-M1403 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG350G T-M1419 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG350P T-M1411 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG350V T-M1427 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG40C T-M1397 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG40G T-M1413 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG40P T-M1405 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG40V T-M1421 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG60C T-M1398 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG60G T-M1414 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG60P T-M1406 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG60V T-M1422 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG80C T-M1399 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG80G T-M1415 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG80P T-M1407 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FSG80V T-M1423 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
GDF02/05 T-M112690 ln-Line Filter
GDF03/05 T-M113490 ln-Line Filter
GDF03/10 T-M113890 In-Line Filter
GDF04/10 T-M114290 In-Line Filter
GDF04/20 T-M114690 In-Line Filter
GDF05/20 T-M115090 ln-Line Filter
GDF05/25 T-M115490 ln-Line Filter
GDF07/25 T-M115890 ln-Line Filter
GDF07/30 T-M116290 ln-Line Filter
GDF10/30 T-M116690 ln-Line Filter
GDF15/30 T-M117090 ln-Line Filter
GDF20/30 T-M117490 ln-Line Filter
GDF30/30 T-M117890 ln-Line Filter
GDF30/50 T-M118290 ln-Line Filter
GDK02/05 T-M112990 ln-Line Filter
GDK03/05 T-M113790 ln-Line Filter
GDK03/10 T-M114190 In-Line Filter
GDK04/10 T-M114590 In-Line Filter
GDK04/20 T-M114990 ln-Line Filter
GDK05/20 T-M115390 ln-Line Filter
GDK05/25 T-M115790 ln-Line Filter
GDK07/25 T-M116190 ln-Line Filter
GDK07/30 T-M116590 ln-Line Filter
GDK10/30 T-M116990 ln-Line Filter
GDK15/30 T-M117390 ln-Line Filter
GDK20/30 T-M117790 ln-Line Filter
GDK30/30 T-M118190 ln-Line Filter
GDK30/50 T-M118590 ln-Line Filter
GDM02/05 T-M112790 ln-Line Filter
GDM03/05 T-M113590 ln-Line Filter
GDM03/10 T-M113990 In-Line Filter
GDM04/10 T-M114390 In-Line Filter
GDM04/20 T-M114790 In-Line Filter
GDM05/20 T-M115190 ln-Line Filter
GDM05/25 T-M115590 ln-Line Filter
GDM07/25 T-M115990 ln-Line Filter
GDM07/30 T-M116390 ln-Line Filter
GDM10/30 T-M116790 ln-Line Filter
GDM15/30 T-M117190 In-Line Filter
GDM20/30 T-M117590 ln-Line Filter
GDM30/30 T-M117990 ln-Line Filter
GDM30/50 T-M118390 ln-Line Filter
GDP02/05 T-M137 ln-Line Filter
GDP03/05 T-M139 ln-Line Filter 
GDP03/10 T-M140 ln-Line Filter
GDP04/10 T-M141 ln-Line Filter
GDP04/20 T-M142 ln-Line Filter
GDP05/20 T-M143 ln-Line Filter
GDP05/25 T-M144 ln-Line Filter
GDP07/25 T-M145 ln-Line Filter
GDP07/30 T-M146 ln-Line Filter
GDP10/30 T-M147 ln-Line Filter
GDP15/30 T-M148 ln-Line Filter
GDP20/30 T-M149 ln-Line Filter
GDP30/30 T-M150 ln-Line Filter
GDP30/50 T-M151 ln-Line Filter
GDS02/05 T-M1474 ln-Line Filter
GDS03/05 T-M1476 ln-Line Filter
GDS03/10 T-M1477 ln-Line Filter
GDS04/10 T-M1478 ln-Line Filter
GDS04/20 T-M1479 ln-Line Filter
GDS05/20 T-M1480 ln-Line Filter
GDS05/25 T-M1481 ln-Line Filter
GDS07/25 T-M1482 ln-Line Filter
GDS07/30 T-M1483 ln-Line Filter
GDS10/30 T-M1484 ln-Line Filter
GDS15/30 T-M1485 ln-Line Filter
GDS20/30 T-M1486 ln-Line Filter
GDS30/30 T-M1487 ln-Line Filter
GDS30/50 T-M1488 ln-Line Filter
GDW10 T-WS016 Oil-Water Separator
GDW10N T-WS133 Oil-Water Separator
GDW120 T-WS020 Oil-Water Separator
GDW120N T-WS137 Oil-Water Separator
GDW15 T-WS017 Oil-Water Separator
GDW15N T-WS134 Oil-Water Separator
GDW240 T-WS021 Oil-Water Separator
GDW240N T-WS138 Oil-Water Separator
GDW30 T-WS018 Oil-Water Separator
GDW30N T-WS135 Oil-Water Separator
GDW5 T-WS015 Oil-Water Separator
GDW60 T-WS019 Oil-Water Separator
GDW60N T-WS136 Oil-Water Separator
OS14005 T-FS6030 Air-Oil Separator
QX101993 T-FSP12130 Air-Oil Separator
QX102798 T-A87104260 Air Filter
QX114141 T-A8797260 Air Filter
QX114143 T-FS990009 Air-Oil Separator
QX114488 T-A87115160 Air Filter
VP1008518 T-A87104260 Air Filter
VP1022165 T-A87123160 Panel Filter
VP1098908 T-FS990334 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1059789 T-FO32106280 Oil Filter
ZS1059791 T-FS990097 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1059792 T-FS990034 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1060578 T-A8797260 Air Filter
ZS1060579 T-A87115860 Air Filter
ZS1063356 T-A8798060 Air Filter
ZS1063357 T-A87121860 Air Filter
ZS1063358 T-A87123960 Air Filter
ZS1063359 T-FO32107980 Oil Filter
ZS1063361 T-FO32104180 Oil Filter
ZS1063828 T-FS990032 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1063829 T-FS990031 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1087405 T-A87124860 Air Filter
ZS1087414 T-FS990157 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1087415 T-FS990153 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1087418 T-A87124660 Air Filter ORIGINAL
ZS1087418 T-A87126060 Air Filter
ZS1088229 T-A87124060 Air Filter
ZS1088233 T-A87125860 Air Filter
ZS1088234 T-FO32197980 Oil Filter
ZS1088236 T-A87117060 Air Filter
ZS1088421 T-FO32108780 Oil Filter
ZS1088918 T-FO32110080 Oil Filter
ZS1110143 T-FS990157 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1122121 T-A87128060 Air Filter
ZS1128464 T-FS990234 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1161022 T-A87128660 Air Filter
ZS11610222A T-A87128660 Air Filter
ZS1174619 T-FS990030 Air-Oil Separator
ZS1191575 T-FO32114680 Oil Filter
ZS1199689 T-A8797260 Air Filter


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