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O.E.M code TAURUS code


0119 T-A871060 Air Filter
0878 T-A8798660 Air Filter
2563 T-FS1310 Air-Oil Separator
3407 T-FS1510 Air-Oil Separator
3415 T-FS1410 Air-Oil Separator
10442 T-A8756860 Air Filter
10444 T-A8756760 Air Filter
10445 T-A8714060 Air Filter
10446 T-A8757060 Air Filter
10447 T-A8756960 Air Filter
10627 T-A87660 Air Filter
10633 T-A87760 Air Filter
10919 T-A87860 Air Filter
11031 T-FO3217280 Oil Filter
11113 T-A87960 Air Filter
11131 T-FS1410 Air-Oil Separator
11881 T-A8757660 Air Filter
12187 T-A8757260 Air Filter
12188 T-A8757360 Air Filter
12249 T-A8757460 Air Filter
12250 T-A8757560 Air Filter
12857 T-FS1510 Air-Oil Separator
13011 T-A871160 Air Filter
13815 T-FS1310 Air-Oil Separator
20097 T-FO3217180 Oil Filter
20113 T-FS3210 Air-Oil Separator
20153 T-A871460 Air Filter
22552 T-A8771660 Air Filter
22553 T-A8766660 Air Filter
23010 T-FS990070 Air-Oil Separator
30336 T-A871660 Air Filter
30389 T-FO3219080 Oil Filter
30393 T-A871560 Air Filter
30566 T-A8757860 Air Filter
30571 T-FS1410 Air-Oil Separator
30724 T-FS1310 Air-Oil Separator
30732 T-FS7710 Air-Oil Separator
30733 T-FS6410 Air-Oil Separator
30747 T-A8757960 Air Filter
32179 T-FO3223080 Oil Filter
32450 T-A873660 Air Filter
32486 T-FS42420 Air-Oil Separator
33116 T-A874460 Air Filter
33390 T-A872170 Air Filter
34794 T-FO3214580 Oil Filter
50065 T-FO32107480 Oil Filter
50273 T-A8758060 Air Filter
50332 T-A8757760 Air Filter
52022 T-FS8310 Air-Oil Separator
52438 T-A871360 Air Filter
52471 T-FS1310 Air-Oil Separator
52841 T-FS8010 Air-Oil Separator
56274 T-FS7910 Air-Oil Separator
56457 T-FO3215380 Oil Filter
57029 T-FS7910 Air-Oil Separator
57042 T-FS8310 Air-Oil Separator
57371 T-FS1310 Air-Oil Separator
57562 T-FO3211980 Oil Filter
57587 T-FS1410 Air-Oil Separator
58034 T-FS8010 Air-Oil Separator
58336 T-FS1410 Air-Oil Separator
59177 T-FS8010 Air-Oil Separator
59180 T-FS8210 Air-Oil Separator
59874 T-FS1510 Air-Oil Separator
59946 T-FO3214980 Oil Filter
70291 T-FS450 Air-Oil Separator
70299 T-A87560 Air Filter
70301 T-FO3210880 Oil Filter
70539 T-FS8110 Air-Oil Separator
74666 T-FS8010 Air-Oil Separator
75220 T-FS8210 Air-Oil Separator
75222 T-FS8110 Air-Oil Separator
5700005 T-A8757760 Air Filter
5700128 T-FS1510 Air-Oil Separator
5700546 T-A8758060 Air Filter
5700575 T-FO32101280 Oil Filter
5700772 T-FS7910 Air-Oil Separator
5701773 T-FS8110 Air-Oil Separator
5701898 T-FS8210 Air-Oil Separator
5702284 T-FS8010 Air-Oil Separator
52001058 T-FS7910 Air-Oil Separator
30725/0 T-FS6310 Air-Oil Separator
AG05LXX004 T-FS1550 Air-Oil Separator
AG70XXX004 T-A8786560 Air Filter
AG70XXX005 T-A8713560 Air Filter
AG70XXX006 T-A876970 Air Filter
AG70XXX025 T-FS990071 Air-Oil Separator
AG70XXX026 T-FO32104580 Oil Filter
AG70XXX027 T-A87127360 Air Filter
AG70XXX030 T-A87127460 Air Filter
C021033382 T-FO32106680 Oil Filter
C021037680 T-FS990072 Air-Oil Separator
C021038033 T-A87131860 Air Filter ORIGINAL
Ca21L32179 T-FO3223080 Oil Filter
CA52042336 T-A87133960 Panel Filter
CA52H32059 T-A87133860 Panel Filter
CA52H32279 T-A87133760 Panel Filter
CD21E22552 T-A8771660 Air Filter
Co21023010 T-FS990070 Air-Oil Separator
Co21023011 T-A87102260 Air Filter
Co21023738 T-FS990186 Air-Oil Separator
Co21033375 T-FO32106180 Oil Filter
Co21033390 T-A872170 Air Filter
Co21034794 T-FO3214580 Oil Filter
Co21034878 T-A87119860 Air Filter
Co21035018 T-FO32110780 Oil Filter
Co21036546 T-FS990187 Air-Oil Separator
CR21037893 T-FS990284 Air-Oil Separator
CR21037952 T-FS990285 Air-Oil Separator
Cr21A10641 T-FO32106080 Oil Filter
Cr21C8123A T-FO3217080 Oil Filter
Cr21D11031 T-FO3217280 Oil Filter
Cr21E20097 T-FO3217180 Oil Filter
CR21E20113 T-FS3210 Air-Oil Separator
CR21E20153 T-A871460 Air Filter
Cr21F30389 T-FO3219080 Oil Filter
Cr21G30319 T-FO3218980 Oil Filter
Cr21G30336 T-A871660 Air Filter
Cr21G30732 T-FS7710 Air-Oil Separator
Cr21H30581 T-FO3217380 Oil Filter
Cr21H30733 T-FS6410 Air-Oil Separator
CR21I32450 T-A873660 Air Filter
CR21I32486 T-FS42420 Air-Oil Separator
FM0005C1 T-M1366 ln-Line Filter
FM0005C2 T-M1351 ln-Line Filter
FM0005C3 T-M1336 ln-Line Filter
FM0005C4 T-M1550 ln-Line Filter
FM0005CC T-M1381 ln-Line Filter 
FM0010C1 T-M1367 ln-Line Filter
FM0010C2 T-M1352 ln-Line Filter
FM0010C3 T-M1337 ln-Line Filter
FM0010C4 T-M1551 ln-Line Filter
FM0010CC T-M1382 ln-Line Filter 
FM0018C1 T-M1368 ln-Line Filter
FM0018C2 T-M1353 ln-Line Filter
FM0018C3 T-M1338 ln-Line Filter
FM0018C4 T-M1552 ln-Line Filter
FM0018CC T-M1383 ln-Line Filter 
FM0030C1 T-M1369 ln-Line Filter
FM0030C2 T-M1354 ln-Line Filter
FM0030C3 T-M1339 ln-Line Filter
FM0030C4 T-M1553 ln-Line Filter
FM0030CC T-M1384 ln-Line Filter 
FM0035C1 T-M1370 ln-Line Filter
FM0035C2 T-M1355 ln-Line Filter
FM0035C3 T-M1340 ln-Line Filter
FM0035C4 T-M1554 ln-Line Filter
FM0035CC T-M1385 ln-Line Filter 
FM0050C1 T-M1371 ln-Line Filter
FM0050C2 T-M1356 ln-Line Filter
FM0050C3 T-M1341 ln-Line Filter
FM0050C4 T-M1555 ln-Line Filter
FM0050CC T-M1386 ln-Line Filter 
FM0072C1 T-M1372 ln-Line Filter
FM0072C2 T-M1357 ln-Line Filter
FM0072C3 T-M1342 ln-Line Filter
FM0072C4 T-M1556 ln-Line Filter
FM0072CC T-M1387 ln-Line Filter 
FM0095C1 T-M1373 ln-Line Filter
FM0095C2 T-M1358 ln-Line Filter
FM0095C3 T-M1343 ln-Line Filter
FM0095C4 T-M1557 ln-Line Filter
FM0095CC T-M1388 ln-Line Filter 
FM0125C1 T-M1374 ln-Line Filter
FM0125C2 T-M1359 ln-Line Filter
FM0125C3 T-M1344 ln-Line Filter
FM0125C4 T-M1558 ln-Line Filter
FM0125CC T-M1389 ln-Line Filter 
FM0165C1 T-M1375 ln-Line Filter
FM0165C2 T-M1360 ln-Line Filter
FM0165C3 T-M1345 ln-Line Filter
FM0165C4 T-M1559 ln-Line Filter
FM0165CC T-M1390 ln-Line Filter 
FM0190C1 T-M1376 ln-Line Filter
FM0190C2 T-M1361 ln-Line Filter
FM0190C3 T-M1346 ln-Line Filter
FM0190C4 T-M1560 ln-Line Filter
FM0190CC T-M1391 ln-Line Filter 
FM0220C1 T-M1377 ln-Line Filter
FM0220C2 T-M1362 ln-Line Filter
FM0220C3 T-M1347 ln-Line Filter
FM0220C4 T-M1561 ln-Line Filter
FM0220CC T-M1392 ln-Line Filter 
FM0280C1 T-M1378 ln-Line Filter 
FM0280C2 T-M1363 ln-Line Filter
FM0280C3 T-M1348 ln-Line Filter
FM0280C4 T-M1562 ln-Line Filter
FM0280CC T-M1393 ln-Line Filter 
FM0350C1 T-M1379 ln-Line Filter 
FM0350C2 T-M1364 ln-Line Filter
FM0350C3 T-M1349 ln-Line Filter
FM0350C4 T-M1563 ln-Line Filter
FM0350CC T-M1394 ln-Line Filter 
FM0440C1 T-M1380 ln-Line Filter 
FM0440C2 T-M1365 ln-Line Filter
FM0440C3 T-M1350 ln-Line Filter
FM0440C4 T-M1564 ln-Line Filter
FM0440CC T-M1395 ln-Line Filter
IF57A22420 T-FS6310 Air-Oil Separator
IF57A24227 T-FS990186 Air-Oil Separator
IF57A24881 T-A8757860 Air Filter
IF57A24882 T-FO3217180 Oil Filter
MOS010 T-WS110 Oil-Water Separator
MOS011 T-WS111 Oil-Water Separator
MOS012 T-WS112 Oil-Water Separator
MOS014 T-WS113 Oil-Water Separator
MOS015 T-WS114 Oil-Water Separator
MOS016 T-WS115 Oil-Water Separator
MOS112 T-WS112 Oil-Water Separator
MOS114 T-WS113 Oil-Water Separator
MOS115 T-WS114 Oil-Water Separator
MOS116 T-WS115 Oil-Water Separator
PE605 T-A8757160 Air Filter


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