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O.E.M code TAURUS code


0243163 T-A8751760 Air Filter
0667685 T-A8723160 Air Filter
667686 T-A8721760 Air Filter
758335 T-A87125460 Air Filter
949525 T-A8721760 Air Filter
1105353 T-A8772360 Air Filter
1909142 T-FF5156 Fuel Filter
1930327 T-FO3222680 Oil Filter
1930602 T-A8740760 Air Filter
4085912 T-FO531002 Oil Filter
4129907 T-A8768660 Air Filter
4159319 T-FO3270280 Hydraulic Filter
4227353 T-FO3270280 Hydraulic Filter
4278859 T-FO32104680 Oil Filter
4278859 T-FO32105180 Oil Filter
4294841 T-FO32112280 Oil Filter
4459548 T-A872670 Air Filter
4508505 T-FO3270280 Hydraulic Filter
4853388 T-FO3221080 Oil Filter
21114040 T-FS16910 Air-Oil Separator
22114040 T-FS22210 Air-Oil Separator
23752427 T-FS26310 Air-Oil Separator
25602540 T-FS26210 Air-Oil Separator
25605240 T-FS26310 Air-Oil Separator
29414040 T-FS17010 Air-Oil Separator
29614040 T-FS17110 Air-Oil Separator
30776020 T-FO32109480 Oil Filter
31150020 T-FS39120 Air-Oil Separator
31176020 T-FO3218480 Oil Filter
31350020 T-FS38920 Air-Oil Separator
36012500 T-FS16910 Air-Oil Separator
36014040 T-FS28820 Air-Oil Separator
36214040 T-FS28920 Air-Oil Separator
50533021 T-FS990275 Air-Oil Separator
52303020 T-FSP11710 Air-Oil Separator
52303021 T-FSP11710 Air-Oil Separator
52322330 T-A87115160 Air Filter
52323020 T-FSP10610 Air-Oil Separator
52323021 T-FSP10610 Air-Oil Separator
52513021 T-FS990049 Air-Oil Separator
52553020 T-FS31110 Air-Oil Separator
52553021 T-FS31110 Air-Oil Separator
52652330 T-A87132160 Air Filter
55173020 T-FSP11710 Air-Oil Separator
55173021 T-FS990254 Air-Oil Separator
55305910 T-FO32113180 Oil Filter
58453020 T-FS990128 Air-Oil Separator
59002660 T-FS990276 Air-Oil Separator
59002671 T-FS990213 Air-Oil Separator
59004010 T-A8710870 Air Filter
59004040 T-A8798160 Air Filter
59007320 T-FS990146 Air-Oil Separator
59031060 T-FS990254 Air-Oil Separator
59031080 T-FS990214 Air-Oil Separator
59031090 T-FS990253 Air-Oil Separator
59031180 T-A87132160 Air Filter
59031220 T-FO32113180 Oil Filter
59031230 T-FO32113280 Oil Filter
59532960 T-FO32109480 Oil Filter
63944900 T-FO32109480 Oil Filter
70034752 T-A87102360 Air Filter
70034752 T-FO3219380 Oil Filter
71316231 T-FO327580 Hydraulic Filter
71402547 T-FO3270280 Hydraulic Filter
76040367 T-FO32106980 Oil Filter
151816139 T-FO324780 Hydraulic Filter
906040085 T-FO32114780 Oil Filter
B605304A T-FO3212480 Hydraulic Filter
E12979663 T-FO32115080 Oil Filter
HAF-100B T-M2704 ln-Line Filter
HAF-11B T-M2698 ln-Line Filter
HAF-15B T-M2699 ln-Line Filter
HAF-22B T-M2700 ln-Line Filter
HAF-37B T-M2701 ln-Line Filter
HAF-55B T-M2702 ln-Line Filter
HAF-7.5B T-M2697 ln-Line Filter
HAF-75B T-M2703 ln-Line Filter
HKF-100B T-M2720 ln-Line Filter
HKF-11B T-M2714 ln-Line Filter
HKF-15B T-M2715 ln-Line Filter
HKF-22B T-M2716 ln-Line Filter
HKF-37B T-M2717 ln-Line Filter
HKF-55B T-M2718 ln-Line Filter
HKF-7.5B T-M2713 ln-Line Filter
HKF-75B T-M2719 ln-Line Filter
HMF-100B T-M2712 ln-Line Filter
HMF-11B T-M2706 ln-Line Filter
HMF-15B T-M2707 ln-Line Filter
HMF-22B T-M2708 ln-Line Filter
HMF-37B T-M2709 ln-Line Filter
HMF-55B T-M2710 ln-Line Filter
HMF-7.5B T-M2705 ln-Line Filter
HMF-75B T-M2711 ln-Line Filter
L71460631 T-FO32107580 Oil Filter


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