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O.E.M code TAURUS code


22202420 T-A8751760 Air Filter
71460631 T-FO32107580 Oil Filter
K0341608800 T-A8772360 Air Filter
KA060 T-M11965 In-Line Filter
KA120 T-M11966 In-Line Filter
KA1320 T-M11971 In-Line Filter
KA180 T-M11967 In-Line Filter
KA1980 T-M11972 In-Line Filter
KA2580 T-M11973 In-Line Filter
KA370 T-M11968 In-Line Filter
KA660 T-M11969 In-Line Filter
KA960 T-M11970 In-Line Filter
KCS060 T-M11974 In-Line Filter
KCS120 T-M11975 In-Line Filter
KCS1320 T-M11980 In-Line Filter
KCS180 T-M11976 In-Line Filter
KCS1980 T-M11981 In-Line Filter
KCS2580 T-M11982 In-Line Filter
KCS370 T-M11977 In-Line Filter
KCS660 T-M11978 In-Line Filter
KCS960 T-M11979 In-Line Filter
KL3098170200 T-FO32106980 Oil Filter
KO060 T-M11956 In-Line Filter
KO120 T-M11957 In-Line Filter
KO1320 T-M11962 In-Line Filter
KO180 T-M11958 In-Line Filter
KO1980 T-M11963 In-Line Filter
KO2580 T-M11964 In-Line Filter
KO370 T-M11959 In-Line Filter
KO660 T-M11960 In-Line Filter
KO960 T-M11961 In-Line Filter
PCE03-3025-02 T-FS18610 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-517 T-FS30020 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-517-03 T-FS23720 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-521 T-FS21230 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-525 T-FS22930 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-529 T-FS38820 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-530 T-FS18030 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-536 T-FS23130 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-537 T-FS14530 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-538 T-FS14730 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-577 T-FS990063 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-578 T-FS990062 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-587 T-FS990279 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-595 T-FS990063 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-596 T-FS990062 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-601 T-FS990280 Air-Oil Separator
PCE03-606 T-FS990281 Air-Oil Separator
PCE0500702 T-A8751760 Air Filter
PCE05-518 T-A873670 Air Filter
PF03-3002-01 T-FS26010 Air-Oil Separator
PF03-3002-02 T-FS26110 Air-Oil Separator
PF03-3025-01 T-FS23410 Air-Oil Separator
PF03-3025-02 T-FS18610 Air-Oil Separator
PF13-3003-03 T-FO32793580 Oil Filter
VH23414E0020 T-19591FS Fuel Filter


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