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O.E.M code TAURUS code


480025 T-A8786660 Air Filter
8193440 T-WS149 Oil-Water Separator
8193441 T-WS150 Oil-Water Separator
8193442 T-WS151 Oil-Water Separator
9054203 T-FO32105680 Oil Filter
9058128 T-WS104 Oil-Water Separator
9058131 T-WS101 Oil-Water Separator
9058132 T-WS106 Oil-Water Separator
9058133 T-WS103 Oil-Water Separator
9058134 T-WS108 Oil-Water Separator
9058197 T-M11429 In-Line Filter
9058198 T-M11430 In-Line Filter
9058199 T-M11431 In-Line Filter
9058200 T-M11432 In-Line Filter
9058201 T-M11433 In-Line Filter
9058202 T-M11434 In-Line Filter
9058203 T-M11435 In-Line Filter
9058204 T-M11436 In-Line Filter
9058205 T-M11437 In-Line Filter
9058206 T-M11438 In-Line Filter
9058208 T-M11439 In-Line Filter
9058209 T-M11440 In-Line Filter
9058210 T-M11441 In-Line Filter
9058211 T-M11442 In-Line Filter
9058227 T-M11443 In-Line Filter
9058228 T-M11444 In-Line Filter
9058229 T-M11445 In-Line Filter
9058230 T-M11446 In-Line Filter
9058231 T-M11447 In-Line Filter
9058232 T-M11448 In-Line Filter
9058233 T-M11449 In-Line Filter
9058234 T-M11450 In-Line Filter
9058236 T-M11452 In-Line Filter
9058238 T-M11453 In-Line Filter
9058239 T-M11454 In-Line Filter
9058240 T-M11455 In-Line Filter
9058241 T-M11456 In-Line Filter
9058257 T-M11457 In-Line Filter
9058258 T-M11458 In-Line Filter
9058259 T-M11459 In-Line Filter
9058260 T-M11460 In-Line Filter
9058261 T-M11461 In-Line Filter
9058262 T-M11462 In-Line Filter
9058263 T-M11463 In-Line Filter
9058264 T-M11464 In-Line Filter
9058265 T-M11465 In-Line Filter
9058266 T-M11466 In-Line Filter
9058268 T-M11467 In-Line Filter
9058269 T-M11468 In-Line Filter
9058270 T-M11469 In-Line Filter
9058271 T-M11470 In-Line Filter
9058287 T-M11471 In-Line Filter
9058288 T-M11472 In-Line Filter
9058289 T-M11473 In-Line Filter
9058290 T-M11474 In-Line Filter
9058291 T-M11475 In-Line Filter
9058292 T-M11476 In-Line Filter
9058293 T-M11477 In-Line Filter
9058294 T-M11478 In-Line Filter
9058295 T-M11479 In-Line Filter
9058296 T-M11480 In-Line Filter
9058298 T-M11481 In-Line Filter
9058299 T-M11482 In-Line Filter
9058300 T-M11483 In-Line Filter
9058301 T-M11484 In-Line Filter
9058325 T-M11451 In-Line Filter
017002000 T-A8779560 Air Filter
017010000 T-A8766960 Air Filter
017014000 T-A873360 Air Filter
017019000 T-A873260 Air Filter
017020000 T-A873160 Air Filter
017023000 T-A87460 Air Filter
017025000 T-A8765360 Air Filter
017026000 T-A8779460 Air Filter
017027000 T-A8778860 Air Filter
017037001 T-A87107660 Air Filter
017058001 T-A8798260 Air Filter
017066001 T-A8784760 Air Filter
017067001 T-A8715260 Air Filter
017078000 T-A87100060 Air Filter
017083000 T-A8766660 Air Filter
017083001 T-A8778160 Air Filter
017084000 T-A87119960 Air Filter
017089010 T-A87114860 Air Filter
017092000 T-A87106760 Air Filter
017093000 T-A87130560 Air Filter
017101000 T-A87116960 Air Filter
048027000 T-A873260 Air Filter
048032000 T-FS14410 Air-Oil Separator
048033000 T-FO3214680 Oil Filter
048035000 T-FO531001 Oil Filter
048037000 T-FS320 Air-Oil Separator
048041000 T-FS210 Air-Oil Separator
048043000 T-FS310 Air-Oil Separator
048044000 T-FS220 Air-Oil Separator 
048046000 T-FS2220 Air-Oil Separator
048047000 T-FO3210780 Oil Filter
048048000 T-FS2320 Air-Oil Separator
048103002 T-M1336 ln-Line Filter
048104002 T-M1337 ln-Line Filter
048105002 T-M1338 ln-Line Filter
048106002 T-M1339 ln-Line Filter
048107002 T-M1340 ln-Line Filter
048108002 T-M1341 ln-Line Filter
048109002 T-M1342 ln-Line Filter
048110002 T-M1343 ln-Line Filter
048111002 T-M1344 ln-Line Filter
048112002 T-M1345 ln-Line Filter
048113002 T-M1346 ln-Line Filter
048114002 T-M1347 ln-Line Filter
048115002 T-M1348 ln-Line Filter
048116002 T-M1349 ln-Line Filter
048117002 T-M1350 ln-Line Filter
048118002 T-M1351 ln-Line Filter
048119002 T-M1352 ln-Line Filter
048120002 T-M1353 ln-Line Filter
048121002 T-M1354 ln-Line Filter
048122002 T-M1355 ln-Line Filter
048123002 T-M1356 ln-Line Filter
048124002 T-M1357 ln-Line Filter
048125002 T-M1358 ln-Line Filter
048126002 T-M1359 ln-Line Filter
048127002 T-M1360 ln-Line Filter
048128002 T-M1361 ln-Line Filter
048129000 T-FO3220680 Oil Filter
048129002 T-M1362 ln-Line Filter
048130002 T-M1363 ln-Line Filter
048131002 T-M1364 ln-Line Filter
048132000 T-FS1610 Air-Oil Separator
048132002 T-M1365 ln-Line Filter
048135000 T-FS1810 Air-Oil Separator
048135002 T-M1368 ln-Line Filter
048136002 T-M1369 ln-Line Filter
048137002 T-M1370 ln-Line Filter
048138000 T-FS1910 Air-Oil Separator
048138002 T-M1371 ln-Line Filter
048139002 T-M1372 ln-Line Filter
048140002 T-M1373 ln-Line Filter
048141002 T-M1374 ln-Line Filter
048142002 T-M1375 ln-Line Filter
048143002 T-M1376 ln-Line Filter
048144002 T-M1377 ln-Line Filter
048145002 T-M1378 ln-Line Filter 
048146002 T-M1379 ln-Line Filter 
048147002 T-M1380 ln-Line Filter 
048148002 T-M1381 ln-Line Filter 
048149002 T-M1382 ln-Line Filter 
048150000 T-FS4310 Air-Oil Separator
048150002 T-M1383 ln-Line Filter 
048152002 T-M1385 ln-Line Filter 
048153002 T-M1386 ln-Line Filter 
048154002 T-M1387 ln-Line Filter 
048155002 T-M1388 ln-Line Filter 
048156002 T-M1389 ln-Line Filter 
048157002 T-M1390 ln-Line Filter 
048158002 T-M1391 ln-Line Filter 
048159002 T-M1392 ln-Line Filter 
048160002 T-M1393 ln-Line Filter 
048161002 T-M1394 ln-Line Filter 
048162002 T-M1395 In-Line Filter Ø 121mm H.760mm
048163002 T-M1366 ln-Line Filter
048164002 T-M1367 ln-Line Filter
048165002 T-M1384 ln-Line Filter 
048200002 T-WS104 Oil-Water Separator
048201001 T-WS101 Oil-Water Separator
048201002 T-WS106 Oil-Water Separator
048202005 T-WS108 Oil-Water Separator
048202006 T-WS103 Oil-Water Separator
048221000 T-FO3210780 Oil Filter
048273000 T-FS14610 Air-Oil Separator
048275000 T-FS1050 Air-Oil Separator
048287000 T-FS550 Air-Oil Separator
048311000 T-FS2420 Air-Oil Separator
048313000 T-FO3210980 Oil Filter
048353000 T-FS650 Air-Oil Separator
048385000 T-FO3211380 Oil Filter
048428000 T-FS450 Air-Oil Separator
048431018 T-M1406 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
048443000 T-FO3222280 Oil Filter
048444000 T-FO3222380 Oil Filter
048449000 T-FO3222780 Oil Filter
048450000 T-FS1050 Air-Oil Separator
048460000 T-FO32105780 Oil Filter
048461000 T-FS3050 Air-Oil Separator
048462000 T-FS2950 Air-Oil Separator
048465000 T-FS650 Air-Oil Separator
048473000 T-FS2920 Air-Oil Separator
048474000 T-FS10520 Air-Oil Separator
048495000 T-FO32106880 Oil Filter
048496000 T-FSP03250 Air-Oil Separator
048537000 T-FO32104980 Oil Filter
048602000 T-FS19020 Air-Oil Separator
048603000 T-FS16020 Air-Oil Separator
052898000 T-FS990071 Air-Oil Separator
113163028 T-A87107760 Air Filter Oval
113167031 T-A87107560 Air Filter
113178013 T-A87103960 Air Filter
248203001 T-WS100 Oil-Water Separator
248203002 T-WS105 Oil-Water Separator
317011000 T-A87113660 Air Filter
048M40001 T-FO3221880 Oil Filter
151KL0012 T-FS990047 Air-Oil Separator
CFC04 T-M1381 ln-Line Filter 
CFC05 T-M1381 ln-Line Filter 
CFC08 T-M1382 ln-Line Filter 
CFC10 T-M1382 ln-Line Filter 
CFC120 T-M1390 ln-Line Filter 
CFC125 T-M1389 ln-Line Filter 
CFC16 T-M1383 ln-Line Filter 
CFC165 T-M1390 ln-Line Filter 
CFC18 T-M1383 ln-Line Filter 
CFC190 T-M1391 ln-Line Filter 
CFC220 T-M1392 ln-Line Filter 
CFC25 T-M1385 ln-Line Filter 
CFC280 T-M1393 ln-Line Filter 
CFC30 T-M1384 ln-Line Filter 
CFC34 T-M1385 ln-Line Filter 
CFC350 T-M1394 ln-Line Filter 
CFC36 T-M1386 ln-Line Filter 
CFC440 T-M1395 ln-Line Filter 
CFC50 T-M1386 ln-Line Filter 
CFC60 T-M1388 ln-Line Filter 
CFC70 T-M1389 ln-Line Filter 
CFC72 T-M1387 ln-Line Filter 
CFC90 T-M1389 ln-Line Filter 
CFC95 T-M1388 ln-Line Filter 
CMC05 T-M11471 In-Line Filter
CMC10 T-M11472 In-Line Filter
CMC125 T-M11479 In-Line Filter
CMC165 T-M11480 In-Line Filter
CMC18 T-M11473 In-Line Filter
CMC220 T-M11481 In-Line Filter
CMC280 T-M11482 In-Line Filter
CMC30 T-M11474 In-Line Filter
CMC34 T-M11475 In-Line Filter
CMC350 T-M11483 In-Line Filter
CMC440 T-M11484 In-Line Filter
CMC50 T-M11476 In-Line Filter
CMC72 T-M11477 In-Line Filter
CMC95 T-M11478 In-Line Filter
EWC150 T-WS151 Oil-Water Separator
EWC18 T-WS104 Oil-Water Separator
EWC30 T-WS149 Oil-Water Separator
EWC35 black T-WS105 Oil-Water Separator
EWC35 white T-WS100 Oil-Water Separator
EWC350 black T-WS108 Oil-Water Separator
EWC350 white T-WS103 Oil-Water Separator
EWC70 T-WS150 Oil-Water Separator
EWC80 black T-WS106 Oil-Water Separator
EWC80 white T-WS101 Oil-Water Separator
FP006 T-M1412 ln-Line Filter
FP012 T-M1413 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FP018 T-M1414 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FP023 T-M1415 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FP039 T-M1416 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FP061 T-M1418 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FP100 T-M1419 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FS006 T-M1404 ln-Line Filter
FS012 T-M1405 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FS018 T-M1406 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FS023 T-M1407 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FS039 T-M1408 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FS045 T-M1409 ln-Line Filter
FS061 T-M1410 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FS100 T-M1411 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FX006 T-M1396 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FX012 T-M1397 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FX018 T-M1398 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FX023 T-M1399 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FX039 T-M1400 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FX045 T-M1401 ln-Line Filter
FX061 T-M1402 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FX100 T-M1403 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FZ006 T-M1420 ln-Line Filter
FZ012 T-M1421 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FZ018 T-M1422 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FZ023 T-M1423 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FZ039 T-M1424 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FZ045 T-M1425 ln-Line Filter
FZ061 T-M1426 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
FZ100 T-M1427 ln-Line Filter ORIGINAL
HFC04 T-M1366 ln-Line Filter
HFC05 T-M1366 ln-Line Filter
HFC08 T-M1367 ln-Line Filter
HFC10 T-M1367 ln-Line Filter
HFC120 T-M1375 ln-Line Filter
HFC125 T-M1374 ln-Line Filter
HFC16 T-M1368 ln-Line Filter
HFC165 T-M1375 ln-Line Filter
HFC18 T-M1368 ln-Line Filter
HFC190 T-M1376 ln-Line Filter
HFC220 T-M1377 ln-Line Filter
HFC25 T-M1370 ln-Line Filter
HFC280 T-M1378 ln-Line Filter 
HFC30 T-M1369 ln-Line Filter
HFC34 T-M1370 ln-Line Filter
HFC350 T-M1379 ln-Line Filter 
HFC36 T-M1371 ln-Line Filter
HFC440 T-M1380 ln-Line Filter 
HFC50 T-M1371 ln-Line Filter
HFC60 T-M1373 ln-Line Filter
HFC70 T-M1374 ln-Line Filter
HFC72 T-M1372 ln-Line Filter
HFC90 T-M1374 ln-Line Filter
HFC95 T-M1373 ln-Line Filter
HMC05 T-M11457 In-Line Filter
HMC10 T-M11458 In-Line Filter
HMC125 T-M11465 In-Line Filter
HMC165 T-M11466 In-Line Filter
HMC18 T-M11459 In-Line Filter
HMC220 T-M11467 In-Line Filter
HMC280 T-M11468 In-Line Filter
HMC30 T-M11460 In-Line Filter
HMC34 T-M11461 In-Line Filter
HMC350 T-M11469 In-Line Filter
HMC440 T-M11470 In-Line Filter
HMC50 T-M11462 In-Line Filter
HMC72 T-M11463 In-Line Filter
HMC95 T-M11464 In-Line Filter
PFC04 T-M1351 ln-Line Filter
PFC05 T-M1351 ln-Line Filter
PFC08 T-M1352 ln-Line Filter
PFC10 T-M1352 ln-Line Filter
PFC120 T-M1360 ln-Line Filter
PFC125 T-M1359 ln-Line Filter
PFC16 T-M1353 ln-Line Filter
PFC165 T-M1360 ln-Line Filter
PFC18 T-M1353 ln-Line Filter
PFC190 T-M1361 ln-Line Filter
PFC220 T-M1362 ln-Line Filter
PFC25 T-M1355 ln-Line Filter
PFC280 T-M1363 ln-Line Filter
PFC30 T-M1354 ln-Line Filter
PFC34 T-M1355 ln-Line Filter
PFC350 T-M1364 ln-Line Filter
PFC36 T-M1356 ln-Line Filter
PFC440 T-M1365 ln-Line Filter
PFC50 T-M1356 ln-Line Filter
PFC60 T-M1358 ln-Line Filter
PFC70 T-M1359 ln-Line Filter
PFC72 T-M1357 ln-Line Filter
PFC90 T-M1359 ln-Line Filter
PFC95 T-M1358 ln-Line Filter
PMC05 T-M11443 In-Line Filter
PMC10 T-M11444 In-Line Filter
PMC125 T-M11451 In-Line Filter
PMC165 T-M11452 In-Line Filter
PMC18 T-M11445 In-Line Filter
PMC220 T-M11453 In-Line Filter
PMC280 T-M11454 In-Line Filter
PMC30 T-M11446 In-Line Filter
PMC34 T-M11447 In-Line Filter
PMC350 T-M11455 In-Line Filter
PMC440 T-M11456 In-Line Filter
PMC50 T-M11448 In-Line Filter
PMC72 T-M11449 In-Line Filter
PMC95 T-M11450 In-Line Filter
QFC04 T-M1336 ln-Line Filter
QFC05 T-M1336 ln-Line Filter
QFC08 T-M1337 ln-Line Filter
QFC10 T-M1337 ln-Line Filter
QFC120 T-M1345 ln-Line Filter
QFC125 T-M1344 ln-Line Filter
QFC16 T-M1338 ln-Line Filter
QFC165 T-M1345 ln-Line Filter
QFC18 T-M1338 ln-Line Filter
QFC190 T-M1346 ln-Line Filter
QFC220 T-M1347 ln-Line Filter
QFC25 T-M1340 ln-Line Filter
QFC280 T-M1348 ln-Line Filter
QFC30 T-M1339 ln-Line Filter
QFC34 T-M1340 ln-Line Filter
QFC350 T-M1349 ln-Line Filter
QFC36 T-M1341 ln-Line Filter
QFC440 T-M1350 ln-Line Filter
QFC50 T-M1341 ln-Line Filter
QFC60 T-M1343 ln-Line Filter
QFC70 T-M1344 ln-Line Filter
QFC72 T-M1342 ln-Line Filter
QFC90 T-M1344 ln-Line Filter
QFC95 T-M1343 ln-Line Filter
QMC05 T-M11429 In-Line Filter
QMC10 T-M11430 In-Line Filter
QMC125 T-M11437 In-Line Filter
QMC165 T-M11438 In-Line Filter
QMC18 T-M11431 In-Line Filter
QMC220 T-M11439 In-Line Filter
QMC280 T-M11440 In-Line Filter
QMC30 T-M11432 In-Line Filter
QMC34 T-M11433 In-Line Filter
QMC350 T-M11441 In-Line Filter
QMC440 T-M11442 In-Line Filter
QMC50 T-M11434 In-Line Filter
QMC72 T-M11435 In-Line Filter
QMC95 T-M11436 In-Line Filter


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