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O.E.M code TAURUS code


312122 T-FO3210880 Oil Filter
312135 T-FO325880 Hydraulic Filter
312136 T-FO324480 Hydraulic Filter
312140 T-FO328080 Hydraulic Filter
0313658 T-FO32104680 Oil Filter
313658 T-FO32105180 Oil Filter
347003 T-A87102360 Air Filter
347003 T-FO3219380 Oil Filter
0689401 T-A8751760 Air Filter
0812634 T-FO322280 Hydraulic Filter
0813242 T-FF5113 Fuel Filter
0814661 T-FO531005 Oil Filter
0870895 T-FO32106980 Oil Filter
0902900 T-FO32107580 Oil Filter
954319 T-FO3212280 Hydraulic Filter
1041426 T-FO32112280 Oil Filter
1262081 T-FO3220480 Hydraulic Filter
1335673 T-19591FS Fuel Filter
1421403 T-A8772360 Air Filter
2335184 T-A87139360 Air Filter
2729282 T-A871970 Air Filter
3080850 T-A871970 Air Filter
3236817 T-FO324780 Hydraulic Filter
4176210 T-FO326980 Hydraulic Filter
26560608 T-FF5156 Fuel Filter
3064050300 T-FO3211980 Oil Filter
3453001030 T-A8723160 Air Filter
 4T0523 T-FO326780 Hydraulic Filter
1G8878 T-FO32106780 Oil Filter
1PS467 T-A8721760 Air Filter
1PS4670 T-A8721760 Air Filter
1R0735 T-FO326780 Hydraulic Filter
2H7254 T-FO3218080 Oil Filter
3I0054 T-A8795960 Air Filter
3I0509 T-FO3219480 Oil Filter
3I0587 T-FO32110380 Oil Filter
3I0887 T-A8791060 Air Filter
3I1056 T-A8786260 Air Filter
3I1063 T-A8791160 Air Filter
3I1064 T-A8791260 Air Filter
3I1127 T-FO3212280 Hydraulic Filter
3I1245 T-FO3218480 Oil Filter
3I1321 T-FF5113 Fuel Filter
3I1463 T-A8740760 Air Filter
3I1500 T-FO32107480 Oil Filter
3I1597 T-FO32114780 Oil Filter
3I1796 T-A8712060 Air Filter
3I1810 T-FO32100180 Oil Filter
3I1955 T-FO32380 Hydraulic Filter
3I1956 T-FO32580 Hydraulic Filter
3I1957 T-FO3220980 Hydraulic Filter
3I1957 T-FO32280 Hydraulic Filter
3I2043 T-FO322580 Hydraulic Filter
3I2043 T-FO3269880 Hydraulic Filter
3I2045 T-FO32108980 Oil Filter
3I2045 T-FO32110080 Oil Filter
3I2045 T-FO32111180 Oil Filter
3I2087 T-FO322480 Hydraulic Filter
4N0326 T-A8797460 Air Filter
4TO522 T-FO326780 Hydraulic Filter
5E5754 T-FO32102380 Oil Filter
9Y4403 T-FO531002 Oil Filter


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