TAURUS FILTERS born as alternative to the various Companies that produce and resell filters and Spare Parts for Vacuum Pumps, Compressors, Compressed Air and all that is filtration.
The technicians of TAURUS FILTERS have worked for many years in the industry and have decided it was time to put into practice decades of experience.

TAURUS FILTERS  is not only a reliable partner technically, but competitive in price and delivery. This site was created for will ensure maximum transparency for each article and  will be linked  to all of our technical data available and updated live on the news. We work for you!


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                      SPARE PARTS FOR VACUUM PUMPS


     AGILENT                                    AIAS                               ALPHA VUOTO

     BASE VAC                                 BECKER                        BGS GENERAL

     BUSCH                                      D.V.P Vacuum Tech.       DEKKER Vacuum

     EDWARDS Vacuum                  ESAM                             F.P.Z Effepizeta

     GENERAL Europe Vacuum       KINNEY Vacuum            LEYBOLD Vacuum

     MIL'S                                         MULTIVAC                      NASH ELMO

     OHIO MEDICAL                        ORION                            PFEIFFER Vacuum

     PNEUMOFORE                        POMPE TRAVAINI          PVR ROTANT

     RIETSCHLE                              SOLBERG                      VACUUMATTEIS

     VACUUM PUMP                       VARIAN                           VUOTOTECNICA

 COMPLETE FILTERS for VACUUM PUMPS                                         

                                                                               COMPLETE FILTERS for BLOWERS

                      SPARE PARTS FOR COMPRESSORS



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                              COMPRESSED AIR FILTERS


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