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O.E.M code TAURUS code


121015 T-FO32103780 Oil Filter
121708 T-A8714160 Air Filter
124533 T-A8713560 Air Filter
129908 T-FS26410 Air-Oil Separator
142136 T-FO3216180 Oil Filter
142243 T-FO3216480 Oil Filter
146914 T-FS990086 Air-Oil Separator
125253050 T-A8751760 Air Filter
127357E003 T-A87670 Air Filter
1625390414 T-FS990239 Air-Oil Separator
1627456057 T-FS23230 Air-Oil Separator
1630390414 T-FS990239 Air-Oil Separator
2013400001 T-FS990086 Air-Oil Separator
2013400003 T-A87114860 Air Filter
2013400282 T-FO3216180 Oil Filter
2013400457 T-A8790960 Air Filter
2013402009 T-FS23920 Air-Oil Separator
2013402010 T-FS990223 Air-Oil Separator
2013402020 T-FS990224 Air-Oil Separator
2013402023 T-FS23230 Air-Oil Separator
2013402026 T-FS22410 Air-Oil Separator
2013402028 T-FS14110 Air-Oil Separator
2013402030 T-FS26410 Air-Oil Separator
2013800119 T-FS990163 Air-Oil Separator
2013800273 T-FS990085 Air-Oil Separator
2013800404 T-FS990225 Air-Oil Separator
2013800406 T-FS990224 Air-Oil Separator
6211473950 T-A8784760 Air Filter
1273570000000000 T-A8712060 Air Filter
127357E011 T-A8712260 Air Filter
127357E012 T-A879660 Air Filter
127357E013 T-A8781760 Air Filter
127357E014 T-A8787160 Air Filter
127357E016 T-A8787260 Air Filter
110377E075 T-A8789360 Air Filter
110377E901 T-A8789360 Air Filter
122117-7 T-FS23330 Air-Oil Separator
123353-050 T-A8716360 Air Filter
124331-050 T-FO3219180 Oil Filter
124331-052 T-FO3219180 Oil Filter
124487-003 T-FS23920 Air-Oil Separator
124487-004 T-FS990223 Air-Oil Separator
124487-008 T-FS31620 Air-Oil Separator
124487-013 T-FS23820 Air-Oil Separator
124487-018 T-FS990224 Air-Oil Separator
124487-024 T-FS990224 Air-Oil Separator
124533-001 T-A8737460 Air Filter
125042-001 T-A8781660 Air Filter
125242E400 T-A8787160 Air Filter
125253-050 T-A872060 Air Filter
125253-050 T-A872060 Air Filter
125656-050 T-FS27610 Air-Oil Separator
127058E350 T-A8785760 Air Filter
127073-050 T-FO3218880 Oil Filter
127138-001 T-FS23230 Air-Oil Separator
127138-002 T-FS23230 Air-Oil Separator
127138-003 T-FS23230 Air-Oil Separator
127138-004 T-FS23230 Air-Oil Separator
127368-003 T-FS22410 Air-Oil Separator
127631-001 T-FS14110 Air-Oil Separator
128381-050 T-FO3216280 Oil Filter
128382-050 T-FO3216180 Oil Filter
128383-050 T-FO3216480 Oil Filter
128820-001 T-FS22510 Air-Oil Separator
129881-001 T-FS26410 Air-Oil Separator
129881-002 T-FS26410 Air-Oil Separator
141469-050 T-A8781760 Air Filter
142419-050 T-FO3219280 Oil Filter
144606-1 T-FS990225 Air-Oil Separator
144606-2 T-FS990225 Air-Oil Separator
145548-001 T-FO32108580 Oil Filter
145548-002 T-FO32104680 Oil Filter
145575-001 T-FS532302 Air-Oil Separator
146514-1 T-FS990071 Air-Oil Separator
22705-2 T-FS2420 Air-Oil Separator
22705-4 T-FS33820 Air-Oil Separator
22705-7 T-FS39220 Air-Oil Separator
22864-8 T-A8791060 Air Filter
23458-1 T-A8791060 Air Filter
23458-18 T-A8772260 Air Filter
23458-2 T-A8791160 Air Filter
23458-4 T-A8790960 Air Filter
23458-7 T-A8792860 Air Filter
23458-9 T-A8772260 Air Filter
23459-4 T-A8792960 Air Filter
23459-5 T-A8772360 Air Filter
CFLT100010018 T-FO32108580 Oil Filter
CFLT100010040 T-FS990072 Air-Oil Separator
CFLT100020019 T-FS990085 Air-Oil Separator
Filter45V T-M11292 ln-Line Filter
QAF100 T-M11304 ln-Line Filter
QAF1000 T-M11328 ln-Line Filter
QAF1500 T-M11332 ln-Line Filter
QAF175 T-M11308 ln-Line Filter
QAF300 T-M11312 ln-Line Filter
QAF400 T-M11316 ln-Line Filter
QAF50 T-M11296 ln-Line Filter
QAF550 T-M11320 ln-Line Filter
QAF75 T-M11300 ln-Line Filter
QAF750 T-M11324 ln-Line Filter
QCF100 T-M11303 ln-Line Filter
QCF1000 T-M11327 ln-Line Filter
QCF1500 T-M11331 ln-Line Filter
QCF175 T-M11307 ln-Line Filter
QCF25 T-M11291 ln-Line Filter
QCF300 T-M11311 ln-Line Filter
QCF400 T-M11315 ln-Line Filter
QCF50 T-M11295 ln-Line Filter
QCF550 T-M11319 ln-Line Filter
QCF75 T-M11299 ln-Line Filter
QCF750 T-M11323 ln-Line Filter
QFA25 T-M11292 ln-Line Filter
QMF100 T-M11302 ln-Line Filter
QMF1000 T-M11326 ln-Line Filter
QMF1500 T-M11330 ln-Line Filter
QMF175 T-M11306 ln-Line Filter
QMF25 T-M11290 ln-Line Filter
QMF300 T-M11310 ln-Line Filter
QMF400 T-M11314 ln-Line Filter
QMF50 T-M11294 ln-Line Filter
QMF550 T-M11318 ln-Line Filter
QMF75 T-M11298 ln-Line Filter
QMF750 T-M11322 ln-Line Filter
QPF100 T-M11305 ln-Line Filter
QPF1000 T-M11329 ln-Line Filter
QPF1500 T-M11333 ln-Line Filter
QPF175 T-M11309 ln-Line Filter
QPF25 T-M11293 ln-Line Filter
QPF300 T-M11313 ln-Line Filter
QPF400 T-M11317 ln-Line Filter
QPF50 T-M11297 ln-Line Filter
QPF550 T-M11321 ln-Line Filter
QPF75 T-M11301 ln-Line Filter
QPF750 T-M11325 ln-Line Filter


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