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O.E.M code TAURUS code


17200095 T-A87114760 Air Filter
17200096 T-A87114860 Air Filter
17200322 T-A873760 Air Filter
17203382 T-FSP19320 Air-Oil Separator
17230173 T-A87101860 Air Filter
57200111 T-FS15720 Air-Oil Separator
57200221 T-FO3222680 Oil Filter
57200222 T-FO3222480 Oil Filter
57203291 T-FO3211080 Oil Filter
57203490 T-FS990261 Air-Oil Separator
57205400 T-FS990082 Air-Oil Separator
57205720 T-FO3222680 Oil Filter
57205722 T-FO3222480 Oil Filter
57205738 T-FO3210880 Oil Filter
57208700 T-A87120760 Air Filter
57208710 T-A87120660 Air Filter
57208785 T-A87878560 Air Filter
57208786 T-A87878660 Air Filter
57208787 T-A87878760 Air Filter
57208788 T-A87878860 Air Filter
57208789 T-A87878960 Air Filter
57208790 T-A87879060 Air Filter
57208791 T-A87116660 Air Filter
57208792 T-A87113860 Air Filter
57210101 T-FS10420 Air-Oil Separator
57210200 T-FS11820 Air-Oil Separator
57211102 T-FS950 Air-Oil Separator
57211103 T-FO3210880 Oil Filter
57211105 T-FSP01450 Air-Oil Separator
57213145 T-FO3210980 Oil Filter
57216295 T-A87116760 Air Filter
57251001 T-FSP03350 Air-Oil Separator
57251002 T-FSP01550 Air-Oil Separator
57251004 T-FS990085 Air-Oil Separator
57258111 T-FS450 Air-Oil Separator
57258112 T-FSP01350 Air-Oil Separator
57258114 T-FS990072 Air-Oil Separator
57258115 T-FS990034 Air-Oil Separator
57307730 T-A878770 Air Filter
61203311 T-FS338720 Air-Oil Separator
67200221 T-FO3222680 Oil Filter
67208791 T-A87116660 Air Filter
67213145 T-FO3210980 Oil Filter
67251002 T-FSP01550 Air-Oil Separator
2116010156 T-FS990192 Air-Oil Separator
2116019889 T-FS990192 Air-Oil Separator
2116040165 T-A87114760 Air Filter
2116040186 T-A87115160 Air Filter
6221376300 T-FS990038 Air-Oil Separator
AFC108 T-M1383 ln-Line Filter 
AFC1140 T-M1391 ln-Line Filter 
AFC1320 T-M1392 ln-Line Filter 
AFC1680 T-M1393 ln-Line Filter 
AFC180 T-M1384 ln-Line Filter 
AFC204 T-M1385 ln-Line Filter 
AFC2100 T-M1394 ln-Line Filter 
AFC2640 T-M1395 In-Line Filter Ø 121mm H.760mm
AFC30 T-M1381 ln-Line Filter 
AFC300 T-M1386 ln-Line Filter 
AFC432 T-M1387 ln-Line Filter 
AFC570 T-M1388 ln-Line Filter 
AFC60 T-M1382 ln-Line Filter 
AFC750 T-M1389 ln-Line Filter 
AFC990 T-M1390 ln-Line Filter 
AFM108 T-M1353 ln-Line Filter
AFM1140 T-M1361 ln-Line Filter
AFM1320 T-M1362 ln-Line Filter
AFM1680 T-M1363 ln-Line Filter
AFM180 T-M1354 ln-Line Filter
AFM204 T-M1355 ln-Line Filter
AFM2100 T-M1364 ln-Line Filter
AFM2640 T-M1365 ln-Line Filter
AFM30 T-M1351 ln-Line Filter
AFM300 T-M1356 ln-Line Filter
AFM432 T-M1357 ln-Line Filter
AFM570 T-M1358 ln-Line Filter
AFM60 T-M1352 ln-Line Filter
AFM750 T-M1359 ln-Line Filter
AFM990 T-M1360 ln-Line Filter
AFP108 T-M1338 ln-Line Filter
AFP1140 T-M1346 ln-Line Filter
AFP1320 T-M1347 ln-Line Filter
AFP1680 AFP1680 In-Line Filter
AFP180 T-M1339 ln-Line Filter
AFP204 T-M1340 ln-Line Filter
AFP2100 T-M1349 ln-Line Filter
AFP2640 T-M1350 ln-Line Filter
AFP30 T-M1336 ln-Line Filter
AFP300 T-M1341 ln-Line Filter
AFP432 T-M1342 ln-Line Filter
AFP570 T-M1343 ln-Line Filter
AFP60 T-M1337 ln-Line Filter
AFP700 T-M1348 ln-Line Filter
AFP750 T-M1344 ln-Line Filter
AFP990 T-M1345 ln-Line Filter
AFS108 T-M1368 ln-Line Filter
AFS1140 T-M1376 ln-Line Filter
AFS1320 T-M1377 ln-Line Filter
AFS1680 T-M1378 ln-Line Filter 
AFS180 T-M1369 ln-Line Filter
AFS204 T-M1370 ln-Line Filter
AFS2100 T-M1379 ln-Line Filter 
AFS2640 T-M1380 ln-Line Filter 
AFS30 T-M1366 ln-Line Filter
AFS300 T-M1371 ln-Line Filter
AFS432 T-M1372 ln-Line Filter
AFS570 T-M1373 ln-Line Filter
AFS60 T-M1367 ln-Line Filter
AFS750 T-M1374 ln-Line Filter
AFS990 T-M1375 ln-Line Filter


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