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O.E.M code TAURUS code


010340390 T-FO3210980 Oil Filter
010340400 T-FO3211080 Oil Filter
010340480 T-FO531005 Oil Filter
010350060 T-FS21520 Air-Oil Separator
010441820 T-FO3211080 Oil Filter
010451050 T-FS13220 Air-Oil Separator
010452250 T-FS18820 Air-Oil Separator
220412630 T-FS21520 Air-Oil Separator
220412631 T-FS38320 Air-Oil Separator
220413240 T-FS30420 Air-Oil Separator
220413241 T-FS38420 Air-Oil Separator
220413250 T-FS30520 Air-Oil Separator
220413260 T-FS30620 Air-Oil Separator
220413270 T-FS29320 Air-Oil Separator
B004700770008 T-A87115960 Air Filter
B004700770028 T-A87126460 Air Filter
B004700770029 T-A878770 Air Filter
B004700770031 T-A87126160 Air Filter
B004700770035 T-A8770560 Air Filter
B004700770036 T-A87132760 Air Filter
B004700770039 T-A87413960 Air Filter
B004800610004 T-FO32105080 Oil Filter
B004800610005 T-FO531002 Oil Filter
B004800770001 T-FO32105680 Oil Filter
B004800770003 T-FO3215480 Oil Filter
B004800770004 T-FO3222480 Oil Filter
B005700770004 T-A87118260 Air Filter
B005700770005 T-A87114460 Air Filter
B005700770006 T-A87114560 Air Filter
B005700770007 T-A87115060 Air Filter
B005700770010 T-A87101860 Air Filter
B005705760001 T-A87130560 Air Filter
B005705760002 T-A87127460 Air Filter
B006700610005 T-FS990085 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770003 T-FS990071 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770010 T-FS990072 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770017 T-FS990085 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770023 T-FS990079 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770026 T-FS8620 Air-Oil Separator
B006700770027 T-FS990083 Air-Oil Separator


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